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Bear Witness To American Gods: Shadows #1

Neil Gaiman’s seminal 2001 novel gets its comic adaptation this week!

Why wait for the show on Starz? Sure, Bryan Fuller’s bringing a television series based on Neil Gaiman‘s Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, and Locus award-winning novel, American Gods. Before it airs though, Dark Horse Comics is beating the pay-channel to the punch with this gorgeous looking comic adaptation of one of Gaiman’s most beloved stories in American Gods: Shadows #1.

Past collaborators P. Craig Russell and Scott Hampton will bring the story of Shadow Moon to the page for your eyes’ and soul’s benefit. Shadow Moon is set to be released from prison after spending years behind bars for an aggravated assault and battery charge. Shadow’s luck has turned though, just not necessarily for the better. He’s getting out early…because of his wife’s death. Hitting bottom, Shadow meets and becomes the bodyguard for a certain Mr. Wednesday. Except this is no normal body to guard. Shadow becomes entrenched in a world of the supernatural and a war between Gods of different eras. No one is who they seem and nothing they say they want can be trusted. How will Shadow navigate this new world and survive the impending war? You can begin to find out how (if) this New Comic Book Day!

Without any budgetary or imaginative constraints, there’s a lot to be excited for the lush visuals that have been released in preview pages thus far. Now, when are we going to get the Good Omens adaptation we’ve all been waiting for? Or am I the only one? Who’s with me?


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Munsters from Mars

Rumors of The Munsters remake for NBC have been all over the internet for the past couple months.  Helming this project is Bryan Fuller, the man who made death cute with shows like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, I really dug those shows.  The only other name attached at the moment is Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame as Marilyn.  Her I know nothing about so forgive my ignorance but Veronica Mars is like Buffy in space or something, right? Anyway… I figured why not let me cast The Munsters remake.

Eddie Munster – Bruce McCulloch

Herman Munster – Mark McKinney

Lily Munster – Dave Foley

Grandpa Munster – Kevin McDonald

And last but definitely not least, my ideal Marilyn – Scott Thompson

I guess you might have noticed a trend in my choices… they’re all male.  I’ve always been a fan of the Shakespearean method of casting.  Seriously though, its the cast of my favorite sketch comedy show The Kids In The Hall. Just hear me out, The Kids In The Hall had ties with Lorne Michaels, Lorne Michaels produced Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Live is on NBC, The Munsters remake is going to air on NBC… so lets make it happen.

What? You think you can do better? Then leave your dream cast in the comments.

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The most creative show that was formerly on television, Pushing Daisies, won four Emmys Sunday night, including the absolutely adorable and totally awesome Kristin Chenoweth taking Best Supporting Actress in a comedy.

Series creator Bryan Fuller spoke about the award wins:

It’s a tremendous honor to see ‘Daisies’ win in so many categories — and in the spirit of the show, win posthumously. Now can we please make the ‘Pushing Daisies’ movie?

Woah. Really? In the meantime, at least we get the Pushing Daisies comic from DC/Wildstorm.  Which Fuller, in talking to Comics Alliance’s Laura Hudson, mentioned that its going to be a kind of zombie film with Ned and Chuck taking on a new kind of zombie.

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