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The Weekly Pulse – Bitey Castles

“Draw” bridge? More like “jaw” bridge! Am I right, absolutely nobody? Yes, that’s right, that’s my horrible segue into bringing up this week’s comics. Particularly Ragemoor #1, the horror comic about a living castle! But there’s also Voodoo Child #1, Freedom #1, and Hoax Hunters #…0! Also in this week is the very lovely and talented Elektra Premium Hardcover, that you should all come in and look at and faun over. Pretty!

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The Weekly Pulse – December 29th, 2011

Take a whole hand-full of DC numbers 4, add some Marvel, a bit of IDW, a pinch of Dark Horse, and finish off with just a great big helping of Coffee. Let steep for three minutes and stir!

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The Weekly Pulse – December 21st, 2011

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Vampires! Fairy Tales! Embattened men! All this and more as Dan Roth guides the trusty ship of Weekly Comics Releases through the stormy seas of the Christmas rush.

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