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Short Packed: Square Enix Explosion

By Chris Troy

I remembering pointing out some time last year (post New York Comic Con) that Square-Enix’s Play Art division is schedule to explode in terms of non- Final Fantasy related content. That’s finally come to be, as FPNYC has been hit with a ton of new Square Enix product not related to the RPG monster (For the record though, all 3 waves of the Final Fantasy 13 Play Art Kai are in stock, and are fairly awesome). I’ve already covered entries from both the BLEACH and Bayonetta series, so today we’ll be looking at what else Square Enix has released over the last few weeks/months.

And yes, why I already covered the Bayonetta Play Arts, I recently picked up Jeanne on the cheap and figured I show the girl some love in this review. In the hit SEGA game, Jeanna plays the role of  Bayonetta’s rival, which is ironic, as this Play Arts is the polar opposite of Bayonettas. She’s slightly less poseable than her counterpart, but she’s also a lot more sleeker and slimmer in term of design, which is also no where as nearly complex. It’s a cool counterpart to Bayonetta, I just wish Square just had the dual-heel guns pre-attached to her shoes, as slipping them to the back to Jeanne’s feet has been a severe pain. Also, I really wish Square tossed in a stand for Jeanne, because if there’s a line that needs help standing, it’s this one. Continue reading

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Reviewarts: Play Arts Kai Bayonetta

by Christopher Troy

Hey there readers, I’m happy to announce we’ve got in a new shipment of Gunpla in last week with more coming in the next few days, so feel free to stop by the store to check out what’s in stock (although I imagine most, if not all of the models will be online soon). Today though, I’ll be looking at one of the newly released Playarts Kai figures from Sqaure-Enix: Bayonetta, the lead from SEGA/Platinum’s game of the same name (And actually my favorite game to come out this year so far). Bayonetta’s from the Black Label Collection, which is something I’ve certainly never heard of (outside of Johnny Walker), but after messing around with this figure a bit, I can tell how it differs from the other standard Play Arts, and will do so in a little bit.

Series Origin: Bayonetta is obviously from the PS3/360 action game Bayonetta. It comes from the same dude who created the original Devil May Cry (BTW, the Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai are also in stock @ FPNYC), and like DMC, is a great over the top action game, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. The creators certainly didn’t.

Legacy: Bayonetta was a huge hit for Platinum/SEGA in both Japan and the West, selling over 1 million copies worldwide. Granted those numbers aren’t as good as say the latest Call of Duty, but pretty good for a new IP. There’s been no announcement of an official sequel/spin off, but Platinum has stated they are interested in exploring more of her world, so here’s hoping. Continue reading

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