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Light and Fluffy Time!

By Shannon H

Fanboys, rejoice! This week is so crazy chock-full of moe, the cute might actually kill you. So just make sure you take the proper precautions before you start reading. You have been warned.

I believe I have already written an in-depth expose about why The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the best thing to have come out of Japan in a while and that you should be all up on it, but that isn’t going to stop me from flailing over the fact that we’re getting Volume 8 of the manga this week.

In case you aren’t in the know, the Haruhi franchise is one of the biggest things in Japan, which is unsurprising considering how well it blends a truly thought-provoking sci-fi story with tons of pop-culture and slice-of-life. This particular book begins to follow the fourth light novel of the series, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which is also the plotline for the amazing and epic feature length film that came out last year. In a nutshell, our cynical hero, Kyon, wakes up one morning to discover that no one has ever heard of the SOS Brigade or Haruhi Suzumiya! Yuki and Mikuru act as though Kyon is a stranger, and Koizumi’s entire class has just outright vanished! The resolution will blow your mind, promise. Continue reading

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Manga: Svelte Is A Fun Word

Svelte Is A Fun WordBy Mat K.

If you found the last two weeks of insane releases a tad hard on the wallet, you will be thrilled this week, there are less than ten titles showing up. Don’t get me wrong this week makes up for it in quality. It seems to be the kind of week for all those manga that regular people (ie: not otaku) read, Oishinbo Volume 6, Black Jack Volume 8, Pluto Volume 6, Vagabond Volume 30, and while those are all well and amazing, there is also Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 21, which came out really quickly this time around, Case Closed Volume 32 comes around, and Gurren Lagann Volume 3 is here. Like I said, it’s a pretty awesome week right?

Neon Genesis EvangelionUnfortunately, that’s really all there is to say about manga this week, they’re all series that are known and well on their way, and there are no brand new series this time for me to review and plug. Continue reading

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