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E.T. 30th Anniversary Poster Art

Have you seen this yet?  It got out earlier today and I gotta say I’m really digging it!!!

E.T. 30th Anniversary poster Blu Ray releaseE.T. tends to vacillate into my top 5 favorite flicks list every few years, and this new poster definitely has rekindled my enthusiasm for the Spielberg masterpiece.

Praise Jeebus!  Has it been 30 years since I saw E.T. at the Loew’s Paradise on the Grand Concourse in the Boogie Down Bronx?!?!?!?!?!?  30 years since a crying, 4 year old Jeff Ayers and his father were denied entry the day it opened as the movie had sold out multiple screenings?  The anniversary of one of the most cherished and vivid memories of my life… a little girl, around my age, who witnessed my dismay at having to wait to see it even offered us her and her father’s tickets.  We eventually declined and I calmed down enough to wait a day, but even if I live another 30 years I’ll never forget her empathy and kindness in that moment.

And that’s really what E.T. is, isn’t it?  A story of kindness and empathy that is just as impactful today as was the generous actions of a little girl on a gorgeous June morning in the Bronx in 1982.

I haven’t even researched which version (1982 or 2002) will be re-released, but I’ll not nitpick other than to say it’s the ‘82 version with an anniversary here.  That’s what should be focused on.

On another anecdotal note… I  wore Buster Brown E.T. sneakers until late 1984.  Who’s a cool guy?


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30th Anniversary Cobra Viper Review

By Loran

I’m very much in the camp of “If you have Vipers, why would you need Cobra Troopers?” and vice versa. It just makes things confusing when you have two sets of grunts to do the exact same purpose. Plus, back during the Direct to Consumer days, I bought five of the “Viper Pit” set to work as my Cobra backbone. It more than made up for how hard the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Troopers were to find, and actually kept me from army building anything so extensively since. It didn’t help that the 25th Anniversary Viper was a hideous mess, with its hands that could hold its gun and nothing else. Thankfully, the 30th Anniversary Viper improves on that design, and every other iteration of the Viper, in spades.

Like the Cobra Trooper, I wasn’t too thrilled when I initially heard about an updated Viper like this. However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and upon seeing the final product I was won over. While I really wanted a new design for the Viper, this took the original uniform and made it into one HELL of a figure. Also like the Cobra Trooper, the Viper uses most of the tooling from the Shock Trooper. Might as well, too, since it looks like I’m never going to find one of those… Continue reading

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30th Anniversary Sgt. Stalker Review

By Loran

Some people tend to really hate repaints and remolds. I could never really understand why. Sure, if it’s a reuse of a bad figure then it’s perfectly understandable. But what’s wrong with buying a great mold more than once? Sometimes repaints can be pointless, yes (Tuner Mudflap, I’m looking at you) but other times they can be great improvements over what came before, like the recent Reveal the Shield Bumblebee figure. It’s a cost-saving move for Hasbro, and sometimes that can bring about some neat stuff. I mean heck, the only 100% unique mold in the first year of G.I. Joe was Scarlett!

Which brings us to what makes this new Stalker figure so great. When the absolutely amazing Pursuit of Cobra Snake-Eyes figure came out, I was hoping we’d get other members of the Original 13 with it, and Hasbro answered with the ever-popular Stalker. It’s a shame Stalker doesn’t get much exposure in media outside of the comics. I always liked his character, and found him to be one that no collection should be without thanks to his involvement in Snake-Eyes’ backstory and the backstory of the whole mythos. He’s always standing at the forefront of my Joe team, and now he can finally do it in style.

Really, everything I said about this mold the first time I reviewed it holds true here. The hinged wrists are awesome, the removable knee pads are awesome, the holsters are awesome… it’s all just awesome. I really hope we see a few more characters with this mold, maybe like Short-Fuse or Zap. Continue reading

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30th Anniversary Cobra Trooper Review

By Loran

I’m gonna come out and say it: I didn’t like G.I. Joe: 25th Anniversary.

While I more than welcomed the new style of figure construction, a few things were just off. They didn’t blend in with the old figures at all, the distribution was poor, and there were a lot of growing pains getting the articulation right (two words: Duke arms). But what bothered me most of all were the uniforms. I liked seeing the Joes and Cobras in NEW outfits, not the same crap we saw 25 years ago. That’s why I liked Pursuit of Cobra so much—the “ten minutes into the future” aesthetic was just awesome.

Well, sometimes, going back to your roots can produce some pretty awesome stuff. Continue reading

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