Get SuperTrashed TONIGHT with Jacques Boyreau at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk!

This weekend at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema get SuperTrashed with cult connoisseur Jacques Boyreau for a screening of the psychotronic Shatner classic Impulse!

Fri April 17th and Sat April 18th at Midnight
Impulse @ Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Avenue

SuperTrash presents the dark side of William Shatner in 1974’s IMPULSE.

In Impluse, The Shat perfs a very touchy cat, Matt Stone, a matricide survivor who’s become a honeymoon slayer. Forever cuckoo’ed by his trauma, Shatner plays the role like Hamlet — if Ham was a prism of Sonny Chiba, Robert Goulet, and Dracula‘s Renfield. Impulse is breezy and sleazy, like easy-listening grindhouse with an immaculate 70’s vibe. William Grefe directs exploitation with–shall we say–seriousness, as seen in other Grefe works like Stanley and The Hooked Generation. Perhaps the real-dealio credit belongs to writer Tony Crechales, who was definitely on a psychodrama bender having previously penned The Killing Kind and So Evil, My Sister.

Presenting Impulse is a SuperTrash pleasure for curator-author Jacques Boyreau and designer Joe Niem–with thanks to archivist Scott Moffett. For the curious and cogently unhinged, we include a gallery of SuperTrash legacy, representing museum shows, books, underground cellars, and upcoming web commerce…Pig in and dig out…!

YouTube Preview Image

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April 30th Troma Signing with Lloyd Kaufman, Ethan Hurt & Lisa Gaye!

Forbidden Planet is stoked to announce a Troma signing on Thursday April 30th at 7PM!

Meet Lloyd Kaufman (Troma President and creator of The Toxic Avenger), Ethan Hurt (Composer of the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Theme), and Lisa Gaye (star of Class of Nuke ‘ Em High 2 & 3, Toxic Avenger 2-4, and many more Troma classiscs!

Troma-Signing-PosterWEBAs usual we make sure that people across the globe will be able to take part in this event! So pre-order a copy of the Class of Nuke ‘Em High LP from and it will be signed by all guests attending our event!

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Troy’a Toys But with Comics: Feathered Edition

CONV_NW_OR_1_54b06bb6addff7.95522607Convergence: Nightwing & Oracle#1

Gail Simone/Jan Duursema/Dan Parsons/Wes Dzioba

DC $3.99


DC has done a lot of things to get me to buy their books as of late, but there’s no way I’m buying into a 2 month long event spanning 40 something books.  Especially when each of those chapters run $4 a pop. However, I will gladly drop $4 on a Gail Simone penned Nightwing and Oracle mini series, because I go full 16 year old teen on Tumblr when it comes to those characters, especially after Simone’s memorable run writing Barbara Gordon in Birds of Prey.

C: N&O is a event tie in mind you, so there’s some stuff involving Brianiac and evil Hawkpeople (the DC ones, not Clint and Kate)  that I’m not exactly sure what the deal with is. All I know is apparently the Gotham city of old (PreFlashpoint) is trapt in a bottle, and Barbarba Gordon is it’s protector. As much as I’ve enjoyed the recent take on Barbara,  seeing the Babs I grew up on as a capable badass again is a treat. She’s very much Gotham’s den mother, and Gail writing an incarnation of the character she did so much with once again is great. There are a lot of Simone writing superhero tropes in this issue, but considering this whole event is fan service, it’s not much a deterrent to the book’s quality. It’s very much aiming for a specific audience, and as a member of that audience I am pleased with what I got.

 Jan Duursema’s art is serviceable. Starts off strong, but takes a slight hit as the book progresses. A shame, but at least when it’s good it’s good, capturing the last 2000’s all to well. The same can be said of Dan Parsons inks, although it’s worth mentioning his uses of shadowing with the inks remains strong throughout the issue, Wes Dzioba‘s color definitely help the art overall, keeping the book looking clean and vibrant.

While I’m not thrilled about the temporary price increase for my DC pulls, this Convergence mini is off to a fairly strong start. Hopefully the art will be a little more polished come issue two, and do Gail Simone’s fun script the justice it deserves.

portrait_incredible (2)Howard the Duck #2

Chip Zdarsky/Joe Quinones/Joe Rivera/Rico Rensi/Rob Guillory

Marvel $3.99

Some of us Older  folk may remember way back when it was announced that Disney was going to buy Marvel, there was a certain fear that the House O’ Mouse was going to tone things down at the House O Ideas. And sure, you can use the recent deaths of Wolverine and Deadpool as proof of that happening, but they’re also Fox/ X-men related characters, so there’s that. Howard the Duck #2 on the other hand, is proof that it’s not happening however, which comes as no surprise given that it’s a Chip Zdarsky penned comic.

Howard issue 2 sees Chip and artist Joe Quinones go full James Gunn and bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are possibly mocking DC’s selfie cover month via duck-facing so hard Kelly Sue Deconnick would be proud. Also heh, duck facing, get it? Anywho, for 17 beautifully illustrated pages, we get Howard running around in space, quacking  cracking wise and looking amazing while doing so. The other 3 pages are an unrelated stroy drawn by Rob Guillory, dealing with Howard getting sued. It’s on par with the main story in terms of overall quality, despite it’s length. And while both artists couldn’t be any more different in terms of style, they both work well with Zdarsky’s script. Chip being an artist himself probably helps with him write to his collaborator’s strengths.

Howard the Duck continues to impress with only 2 issues out. It’s a geniunely hilarious book that has some weight to it, and it looks fantastic. Zdarsky is clearly using as much of the Marvle Universe as he can in this title, without the book ever feeling overwhelming or suffocating for the reader. Yeah it’s dense enough to make me feel like it’s worth the $4. And again, having a artist of Joe Quinoes (not to mention Rob Guillort as well)  draw this book only makes it all the better.



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Troy’s Troys But With Comics: Childhood Flashbacks editions

There are currently 12 unwatched episodes of Daredevil in my Netflix queue right now, please note that I took time to write this article instead of ODing on DD.

Saga_27-1_300_462Saga #27

Fiona Staples/Biran K Vaughan

Image Comics $2.99

I’ve been running out of ways to complement Saga. Each issue is a 20 page celebration of comics, with the creators doing their damnedest to show exactly  why they’re the best what this medium is capable of. This month’s issue is no exception, as Fiona Staples and Brain K Vaughan show off their full range of talents.

Issue 27 has Fiona Staples drawing everything from odd/unusual erotica, to grotesque violence, to absolutely adorable thanks to tiny sealman/my favorite character Ghus. Ghus in particular is an fine example of Staples’ artistic skills, as she manages to convey a lot of character and emotion in a character with a comparatively simplistic design. There’s also some really powerful emotional beats that Staples hit without the assistance of BKV’s words. While she’s never been anything less than impressive, this particular arc of Saga may be Staples finest work to date. I couldn’t think of a better artist to see their name listed before the writer’s name in the credits page.

Brain K Vaughan continues to be the very best at what he does when it comes to dialogue and the script, snikt. We get to take another glimpse of Marko’s past in this issue, and the stuff revealed in the flashbacks is brutal, but compelling none the less. He also injects some much needed humor in places that helps ease the tension, as well as remind us how delightful these characters are. Vaughan’s words are overshadowed by the art at times, but it never feels like he’s coasting on Staples talents.

Saga is still very much the best book on the market, and this issue is just further proof of that.

portrait_incredible (1)All New Hawkeye #2

Jeff Lemire/Ramon Perez/Ian Herring

Marvel $3.99

AWWW, Fact: This is the 2nd Hawkeye #2 in which a/the Swordsman is a crucial element to the plot!

This 2nd issue of All New Hawkeye is a slight improvement over the previous issue, but I’m still a tad confused over the direction of the title. The book continues to be split between the past and present, but the present sections continue to feel like an after though. Ramon Perez and Ian Herring certainly do some cool stuff with this book’s visuals, but it genuinely does feel like writer Jeff Lemire prefers re-telling Clint’s origin than moving his Hydra/creepy-ass children plot forward.

To be fair, the Circus flashback segments are fairly enjoyable, even with the art being a little uneven in places. The sketchy art looks a tad incomplete at times, but Ian Herring’s colors really help enhance it a ton. The modern segments look slightly better, as Perez channeling David Aja suits his style better. Lemire is still struggling with the Hawkeyes banter, but it’s improving.

All New Hawkeye #2 is a much needed step in the right direction, although it’s not quite there yet. Hopefully the next issue will continue to improve in quality, and this book will be on par with the previous creative team’s efforts.



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Troy’s Toys, but with comics: Platinum Blondes edition

backgroundSpider-Gwen #3

Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriquez, Rico Renzi

Marvel $3.99

Spider-Gwen #3 lacks scumbag Matt Murdock for SOME reason, but writer Jason Latour slips in a Wu-Tang Clan reference, so I guess i can let it slide.

This issue is heavy on fights, which is great, because it allows Robbi Rodriquez to go all out on the layouts. Rodriquez uses a lot of unique “camera angles” and hyper exaggerated body language to sell the fight scenes, lead to some over the top and more importantly visually stunning panels. Rico Renzi’s green heavy color palette is very crucial to this, making this book pop, drawing the reader in more than a lesser colorist would. There’s also some very fun and creative uses of sound effects in this comic, reminding me more of Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim film adaption than the tradition comics sound effects. The end product is a comic that feels very loose, bright and chaotic, but so visually appealing you can’t help but love it.

Jason Latour’s scripts are getting tighter and tighter with every issue. He ramps up the traditional Spider-related drama and action with this issue, but he continues to add new elements to story to make things interesting. An important character to the Spider-mythos makes his debut this issue, and while it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, the execution makes it seem fresher than it actually is. I know that seems like a backhanded compliment, but it’s pretty impressive given how long the Spider-Man concept has existed.

Spider-Gwen continues to be a delight month after month. It gives off an fresh indie vibe unlock any other Marvel book, despite being tied to such an iconic comics character. Latour, Rodriquez and Renzi are so in sync with each other for a relatively new creative team, it’s scary to think how much better this team will get with every issue.

GA02Gotham Academy Endgame

Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Jeff Stokely, Jenny Donovan, Cilo Chiang, Joy Ang, Vera Brosgol, Sonia Oback

DC $2.99

Once again I have bought another Endgame tie-in, despite not having bought a single issue of Batman proper in years (#tradewait). Also once again, I am charmed by a Endgame tie in.

While crazies and shipping delays overrun Gotham, Maps, Olivia and Pomeline are having a sleepover of sorts, swapping SPOOKY stories that are Joker-related. It’s a lot like that episode of Batman: The Animated Series where kids sit around swapping Batman stories, and I can’t help to think that this issue may be a homage to it. It’s also a surprisingly gruesome issue in some parts, which I guess makes sense given its semi Joker related.

Sadly, Karl Kerschl couldn’t draw this issue, so he’s replaced with 4 different artists. While I’m crazy over the art that sets up each story, Jenny Donovan, Cilo Chiang, Joy Ang, Vera Brosgol, and Sonia Oback all come through on their shorter stories. The end product is a bit uneven, but good none the less. It’s also nice to see DC let new talent work on one of their more highly acclaimed titles.

On the script/dialogue side of things, there’s a lot of good stuff from regular writers Brenden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan. Using the campfire spookum stories as a framing device, the duo cleverly incorporate horror movie clichés and folklore into their Jokers tales, making for some fascinating results. Sadly thanks to to the slightly amateurish and rough at times art by Jeff Stokley, the book suffers in places.

Gotham Academy Endgame is a nice showcase for new talent, but it’s strictly for GA fans only. It’s not exactly a good introduction to anyone coming by from Batman proper, but regular Gotham Academy readers should get a kick out of it.


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“SQUIRM’s” Jeff Lieberman joins NYC’s Forbidden Planet signing of “FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER”

Veteran horror director Jeff Lieberman, creator of cult classics including SQUIRM, BLUE SUNSHINE and JUST BEFORE DAWN, has joined the growing list of horror celebrities who have come on board the signing event for FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER at New York City’s Forbidden Planet (832 Broadway near Union Square; [212] 473-1576). The event will take place this Thursday, April 2 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Lieberman’s films also include the sardonic Halloween horror film SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER, the alien-invasion-via-video opus REMOTE CONTROL and the mad-science TV movie DOCTOR FRANKEN. Appearing with him will be genre all-stars such as: splatter king Tom Savini; BASKET CAST, BRAIN DAMAGE and FRANKENHOOKER auteur Frank Henenlotter; legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS cover artist Basil Gogos; Larry Fessenden (director of THE LAST WINTER, HABIT, WENDIGO); Debbie Rochon (actress, Fango columnist and former host of Sirius’ much-missed FANGORIA RADIO); and screenwriter/playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (CARRIE and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, Broadway shows SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK and upcoming AMERICAN PSYCHO). In addition, staffers Tony Timpone, Thomas DeFeo, Michael Gingold, W.R. Mohalley and Ken Hanley will be on hand to sign as well. Copies of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER will be available for purchase, but autographs will be free, as they should be! (Please note, celebs will be signing the book only.)


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Troy’s Toys but with Comics: Wicked Academy

WickedDivine_09The Wicked & The Divine #9

Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson

Image $3.50


He’s not really. I’ve met him several time, if anything he’s the complete opposite. But man, this issue of The Wicked and the Divine ends on a bummer of a cliffhanger.

Gillen’s pacing has been incredible throughout the series. The previous issue of #WicDiv ended on saucy note, and this issue lead up to believe sexy times were instore for everyone. That couldn’t be any farther than the truth, as we’re instead treated to a few reveals, some heartbreak, and some choice dialogue by KG once again.

Surprising no one, Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson are still in top form with the art for this book.  McKelvie reminds us just how good he is by giving a trio of familiar supporting characters a new look, and it’s gorgeous. McKelvie excels at designing and redesigning character, so I shouldn’t be surprised the end results are as good as they are, but I’m impressed time after time.  Wilson remains equally important, as his choice in colors for these character really give them a visual style that helps win the reader over.

Wicked and Divine volume 2 continues to be a consistent and stellar read. The WicDiv fandom has come to expect certain things from a Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson project, and they deliver in usual  fashion again with this is, despite its being quite brutal at times.




STK666956Gotham Academy #6

Brenden Fletcher/Becky Cloonan/Karl Kerschl/Mingue Helen Chen/Msassyk/Serge Lapointe

DC $2.99

Guys, I’m not sure if I get this message across in my reviews, but this is the BEST time to be reading comics.

Gotham Academy wraps up its first arc, and it’s delightful. It’s funny that arguably the most light hearted of the Bat-titles, this is the book that has Batman come off as a villian. Obviously he and Croc has a history that says otherwise, but a teenager with mom issues may see the Bat in a different light. Batman’s extended appearance doesn’t detract from the feel and tone of the book though, as it shakes things up a bit and takes the book in some interesting directions. The most  shocking being the tease of the addition of a established Bat-character who’s presence is welcomed and makes a ton of sense.

Karl Keschl gets some help on the art end of things from Mingue Helen Chen and style wise it couldn’t be better. While it’s not as bright & colorful as Keschl’s art, it’s definitely beautiful in its own way, channels the same animation vibe, and fits the narrative quite well. Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher are in top form, writing very believable kids & a very rich and interesting world. In the span of 6 issues, these  5 kids have been given an impressive amount of depth in such a short period of time, and it kills me I’m going to have to wait until June before we re-visit this world again.

Gotham Academy #6 is another great installment of the best Batman book no one’s reading. Hopefully the new addition to the cast will get the book some new readers, because I would hate to see it end after the next arc.

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Yo I Heard You’re Mad About – New Superhero Costumes

When it comes to funny books, opinions are never in short supply. So with every announcement must also inevitably come the backlash. And if you think Forbidden Planet is immune from having the feels (or “feeliopolises” as we will come to call them in the year 2026), we certainly aren’t. So let’s talk about what’s got people SJW-ing to their problematicness until they swallow the red pill and become meninists this week – superhero costumes!

In the realm of cape and tights comics, costumes are a lot like buttholes – everyone’s got one and most of ‘em stink. So who can be surprised when heroes and villains get revamp after revamp? Whether it’s a long term change, or just the equivalent of comic book laundry day, every Bruce, Dick, and Peter Parker gets an update now and again.

Lately, though, it seems like we’re on new costume overload – Batgirl, Spider-Woman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman… all of ‘em have either gotten a costume change already or have a major one incoming.

And, yo, I heard you’re mad about it. No worries. Happens to the best of us.


When I saw the new Wonder Woman costume, por ejemplo, I sent a text to Julia saying, “The Finch’s are giving Wonder Woman pants and I’m mad about it,” hence the title of this article. Julia’s response? “I almost vomited.”

So, obviously, we came in already having some well-reasoned and respectful thoughts on this costume update.

And, surprise, surprise, we were not alone. But for every person decrying the change, there were just as many people lauding it. Which has led to a lot of yelling back and forth  on the internet. Poor Erik Larsen left Twitter behind completely so heated were the tweets that he both tweeted and were betweeted in kind! And I only say that mostly sarcastically! It has been, in short, “a thing”.

And while we wouldn’t dream of saying “maybe stop yelling at each other” mostly because it would only mean we would become the focus of the yelling, it’s worth pointing out that the major points made both pro and con new Wondie have validity.

On the pro, it is super ridiculous to expect Diana’s breasticles to stay solid sans some serious support. As a proud member of the teeniest tiniest of titty committees, I can tell you that, even if I go strapless, there still remains a dread fear of flippity flopping out all over the place. So, hey. Keeping the girls protected is not unreasonable.

On the other hand, this costume is a little less eye-catching. Some call it ugly, I would personally say that I think the Wonder Woman standard costume is iconic for a reason and I’m relatively confident that reason is more than just sex appeal. The darker, more sedate blues of the new design are less exciting, and the collar is a clear nod to Jim Lee’s New 52 Superman design which almost no-one liked.

The point is, this new costume feels like a place-holder for whenever we get around to flipping back to Wondie classic, boob dangers be damned.

Yes, just like killed-a-million-@#$ing-times Jean Grey, Wonder Woman’s classic costume will inevitably rise from the ashes. And, considering how well people have responded to J. Scott Campbell’s take on what he wants to see, that rise will probably come sooner than later.


So what’s the point? Is this just a flashy, better-get-this-special-issue cash-grab signifying nothing? Or can the heated debate surrounding this new costume make a temporary change worthwhile? Or, as Julia and I keep wondering, wouldn’t it be great if we could also talk about the way Wonder Woman is being written at this moment as much as how she’s being drawn? Because that is just as worth discussing.

But maybe the best thing we can do right now is make like we are all in the 1994 classic college film, PCU, take a brief break from being on opposite sides, and enjoy the rhythmic stylings of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Or, in this case, all agree that Batman’s giant rabbit mechanized suit coming in DC’s CONVERGENCE event series sure is… something.


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Holy guacamole! The 80’s and 90’s are back!

Well, we must have all popped in a Night Ranger tape in our Mr. Fusion-powered DeLorean and traveled back in time to the late 1980s, because they are back in a big way on our shelves this month.

A few weeks ago, BOOM! Studios brought us the most excellent return of rock and roll’s goofiest gods, BILL S. PRESTON, ESQ. and TED “THEODORE” LOGAN, aka Wyld Satllyns. And, yes, their time-hopping, robot-sidekick’s, the princess, and Death are all back, too. Fans of the movies will enjoy this trip down memory lane, along with a newer, very self-aware story by RYAN “DINOSAUR COMICS” NORTH (UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, ADVENTURE TIME). If anyone could sustain a story about Bill and Ted’s robot companions getting the very first spam email virus in their code (“Bill”s and “Ted”s, instead of 1’s and 0’s), it’s this big nerd. Lots of laughs, and just in time for the big announcement (hopefully) that Bill and Ted will be back on the big screen soon. There are still some copies (including variants) on our shelves, so get them while they’re still non non non non heinous!

Last week, we were treated to the first of IDW’s 1980s reimaginings – THE FLY: OUTBREAK. With artwork by MENTON3 (MONOCYTE), this book is as close as we’ll ever get to a comic adaptation of a Cronenberg movie, one that captures the body horror and existential dread of the originals. Well, at least until Bill Sienkiewicz finally makes a VIDEODROME adaptation. The story is compelling and horrifying, and just as… I don’t want to say “friendly,” but at least accessible to new readers as it is to fans of the original (or the remake). It’s definitely worth checking out, but there’s even more to come!

IDW’s other major offerings include this week’s JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #1, by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell (WET MOON). It’s a weird, totally hip trip with these girls, modernized for the modern age. If you’re nostalgic for a comic adaptation of the show, this ain’t it. If, however, you want something that captures the spirit of the original and avoids being dated by virtue of spouting 80s cliches in a 2015 world, along with AMAZING artwork, this one is for you. And don’t worry–there are THIRTEEN variants, so you can collect them all!

Coming soon: be sure to keep an eye out for JOE CASEY (BUTCHER BAKER, GODLAND) and JIM MAHFOOD’s (TANK GIRL, the KICKPUNCHER comic from COMMUNITY) MIAMI VICE. This is the second MIAMI VICE comic in as many years, but it seems like this creative team might be skewing more for an INVADER ZIM/JHONNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC kind of aesthetic than a straight-up adaptation.

Also, X-MEN ’92, a digital-first SECRET WARS tie-in from CHRIS SIMS & CHAD BOWERS (COMICSALLIANCE; AWESOME HOSPITAL; DOWN, SET, FIGHT!) and SCOTT KOBLISH (DEADPOOL). I can only hope this one stays true to the original, as the X-MEN cartoon from my childhood remains a monument to television so bad that it can only be perfect. I mean, without it, would the cultural lexicon have lines like “Does a mallrat love chili dogs?” No, it would not, and we as a society would be the poorer for it.

So welcome back, late 1980s! We hope you didn’t bring the ghost (OR SKELETON) of Ronald Reagan with you!

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Fresh from the Planet: Mattei-sterpieces!

We may not have a bag check here anymore, but we can still make sure you check your brain at the door! Looking for some good ol’ mindless entertainment? Forbidden Planet has got your back… as usual.

You may have noticed our movie section has expanded like The Blob on a good day. We’ve seriously upped our game and focused our selection on some of the sleaziest cult, horror, kung-fu and exploitation available. A browse through our shelves of films is like a walk down 42nd St. during it’s pre-Disney Grindhouse heyday.

But with so much to choose from, what should you watch? Or, better yet, what should you avoid? Well that depends entirely on your perspective. Personally, when someone tells me they’ve “seen the worst movie ever” though, my interest is piqued.

I mean how could anything be worse than BLOODSUCKING NAZI ZOMBIES, MAC and ME, or SHOWGIRLS2 2? Okay, I do like all of those movies and, if I was to make a list of worst movies, it would probably read more like IMDB’s highest rated films. Tastes vary and art is relative, so there is no definite best or worst in any of this. But if, let’s say, “the best of the worst” sounds right up your alley then, bud, have we got some killer trash in just for you!

So lets dig into two films by super-schlockmeister, Bruno Mattei! To give you a reasonable summary of a man with such a vast body of work in a single Weekly Planet column would be impossible. So I’ll give you the quick, cheapie version – the Mattei version, if you will.

Born in Italy to a father who owned an editing studio, a future in film was inevitable for Mattei. He has worked on over 200 films in every capacity from editing to directing. My guess is most of you can’t even name one of them but, in the same turn, I probably couldn’t name a single Oscar winner from the past 10 years.

His work may not always be original but its usually entertaining. Put it this way, his films are so inept he’s been dubbed “the Italian Ed Wood”. We unfortunately lost this underachieving auteur in 2007 but, hot damn, did he make sure to go out with a bang!

Mattei wraps up his career with a duo of zany zombie flicks that are now available in America (and right here at FP) for the first time ever thanks to the mentally ill minds at Intervision. Filmed back to back in the Philippines, ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD and its sequel, ZOMBIES THE BEGINNING, are best viewed back to back, if you can handle that much Mattei at once!

Just like Halloween, Back To The Future or Army of Darkness, Zombies the Beginning picks up exactly where Island of the Living Dead leaves you off. Now take a second and reflect on that… Zombies the BEGINNING takes place right AFTER Island of the Living Dead, if that doesn’t help set the stage for what we’re working with here just stop… no seriously… STOP READING.

For those of you still with us, giving you any kind of plot descriptions would be hard for even Mattei himself, so let me just run down a list of the highlights… of both films. Like I’m really gonna waste my time telling you what scene is from which film. That my friend, you will have to find out on your own.

If you drop these discs into your player, you will be treated to inept pirates, characters named after their t-shirt designs, underachieving overdubs, head-shots gorelore, alien abortions, stupid SWAT teams, freaky flambéd friends, and a bevy of zombies. And as for zombies, well… get fanged zombies, regenerating zombies, voodoo zombies, kung-fu zombies, conquistador zombies, you get the point.

Mattei didn’t mind homage. Maybe that’s too nice… he straight up rips off scenes from Aliens, Robocop, and Fulci’s Zombie. I’m sure there are even more, but I was having a hard time getting my brain to function during most of what I was watching.

So if you’re looking for some brainless zombie fun, snag these two Mattei-sterpieces from our ever growing selection of schlock.

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Frank Henenlotter joins NYC’s Forbidden Planet signing of “FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER”

The one and only Frank Henenlotter has been added to Forbidden Planet’s Fangoria Cover to Cover event this Thursday April 2nd at 6PM!

Come down and meet a ton amazing genre personalities or pre-order signed copies from our web-store.

Sounds like a win win!


Cult movie filmmaker Frank Henenlotter—the notorious director behind BASKET CASE, FRANKENHOOKER, BRAIN DAMAGE and BAD BIOLOGY—has joined the growing list of horror celebrities who have come onboard the New York City Forbidden Planet (832 Broadway near Union Square; [212] 473-1576) signing of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER. The event will take place on Thursday, April 2nd (next week!) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Besides directing some of the wildest independent horror films of all time, Henenlotter won kudos for his archival work with distributor Something Weird and helming the much-praised documentaries HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS: THE GODFATHER OF GORE and THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! His latest film, a caper picture called CHASING BANKSY, debuts later this year.

Appearing with Henenlotter will be genre all-stars such as: splatter king Tom Savini; legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS cover artist Basil Gogos; Larry Fessenden (director of THE LAST WINTER, HABIT, WENDIGO); Debbie Rochon (actress, Fango columnist and former host of Sirius’ much-missed FANGORIA RADIO); and screenwriter and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (CARRIE and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, Broadway shows SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK and upcoming AMERICAN PSYCHO). In addition, staffers Tony Timpone, Thomas DeFeo, Michael Gingold, W.R. Mohalley and Ken Hanley will be on hand to sign as well. Copies of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER will be available for purchase, but all autographs will be free, as they should be!


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Troy’s Toys But With Comics: Mark & Eve & Alex & Scott & Emma Edition

Invincible_118Invincible #118

Robert Kirkman/Ryan Ottley/Jason Howard/Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Image $.25

CHRIS FACT: If you offer a comic that I have the SLIGHTEST interest in for under $1, I will buy it.

Invincible is a book I’ve read for a long time. Like 104 consecutive issues long. It was also a book that got a little too gross for my liking and jumped ship. But for a quarter, I was willing to pick it up and see what Mark and the gang were up to these days. For the record, Invincible 118 is definitely NOT the perfect jumping on point for new readers. There’s a 6 page recap of the series, and that’s HELLA intimidating if your new to the series. But if you’re a lapse reader like myself, it’s pretty good issue to jump back in on and not be too lost.

Robert Kirkman is still going strong on this book, mixing drama with some much needed but slightly juvenile humor, which is needed because this book gets GRIM in the last few pages. TRIGGER WARNING/SPOILERS: There’s a sexual violence discussion that while handled well, kind of comes out of nowhere if you’re not caught up on the book. I applaud Kirkman for taking some story telling risks and actually pulling it off, but I’m not sure if that’s going to win him any new readers.

Ryan Ottley, one of my favorite artists today and one of the things I miss most about the book, has started inking himself, and it’s a bit jarring. His art looks a little looser, and more Erik Larsen-esque. It’s not bad mind you, it’s just took me by surprise. On colors we have  Jean-Francois Beaulieu who uses a brighter palette than John Raunch did, but still isn’t on FC Plascencia level. In his and Raunch’s defense, it could be a printing issue, but without a digital copy of the book, it’s hard to say.


Invincible ends on a solid cliffhanger, hoping to keep anyone new to the series on. For me, it’s not enough to get to start buying the title again, but it was a nice to revisit the book. I applaud Invincible for being a super hero book where there’s some consequences for the cast’s actions because there’s no status quo, I just have no desire to stick around.


Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_3_32_TextlessUncanny X-men 32

Brian Michael Bendis/ Chris Bachalo/Tim Townsend

Marvel $3.99

I’m sure Brian Michael Bendis isn’t the type of dude who googles his own name and reads reviews of his comics. Dude has better to do with his time. But man, it really does feel like Uncanny X-men 32 addresses all of my complaints with the book in a single done in one.

The end of AXIS is finally addressed in this book as Cyclops’ brother Havok joins the cast. Bendis’ take on Alex is fun, although you’ve have to be caught up on Rick Remender‘s runs on Uncanny Avengers and AXIS to understand why he’s currently the way he is. Alex acts as the stand in for the reader, and helps us get caught up on what went down at the end of the last issue and the beginning of this one. There’s a bit with Scott and Emma that made me MAD as of fan of those readers, but speaks of Bendis’ talents. He managed to get some strong emotions out of me with this comic, something he hasn’t done with this book in some time. Bendis has a pretty good track record with done and ones on this title, but this is easily one of his stronger issues on this run.

Chris Bachalo and his army of inkers provide to supply this book with some fine art (that cover is especially good), although the 2 different colors and some odd photoshopping when it comes to the background hurts it in places. It doesn’t ruin the book in any way, but it certainly pulled me out of the experience a few times. But when it’s good, it’s good, especially when it comes to that Scott and Emma confrontation. Again, a great scene that hurt me oh so much.

As we approach the end of Bendis’ Uncanny X-men run, it’s nice to see the writer continue to take the X-men in some interesting directions while writing some excellent comics. His run on Uncanny has been a little uneven in place, but issues like these overshadow the weaker issues. Uncanny X-men 32 may be the best yet, setting the up the end of  this volume of  UXM on a interesting foot.



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