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A Belated look at new Play Arts

Alright so y’all bought Hawkeye #11 this week right? You better have, because I’m going to be writing all about it. Soon. This time it’s all about toys.

So we’ve gotten a but-ton (Ton O’ Butts?)  of new toys in recently, mostly Play Art Kai figures because Q1 2013 was not fair to Square Enix and they need the money. I’d feel bad, but yo, Tomb Raider was not selling 5 million copies in the first month, that’s strictly a Call of Duty number right there. A shame, because the game was great, NOT UNLIKE THIS NEW LARA CROFT PLAY ARTS! Solid transition, I know, thank you.

FLASH FACT: Lara was originally available back in March if you pre-ordered the $100 special edition of the game. Looking back, I probably should have picked that up, because that would have resulted in a $40 Play Arts figure. OH WELL, AT LEAST THIS WAY I CAN WRITE ABOUT IT FOR THE BLOG RIGHT?!? :: weeps bitterly ::: Anywho, I don’t know what’s up with the elbow joints with these newer Play Arts figures, but I’m not a fan of em. However, the rest of the figure is dope. I like how the paint job given to the figure makes Lara “dirty” which makes a ton of sense given the survival element in the game. Also man you need to say why you dig it or you sound like a creeper. And while it’s not a big deal, I really like the packaging. The white looks a ton nicer than the usual black boxes, and the cover photo is sweet too. Accessory wise, Lara is strapped with a hand gun, axe, bow and arrow and a quiver, plus variant hands. This is without a doubt the most excited I’ve been for a Play Arts in awhile, and she’s worth the $70 if you’re fan. Which I am. GOODBYE $70 I WOULD HAVE BLOWN ON SOMETHING STUPID, LIKE BILLS!

Tomb Raider isn’t the only game Squenix made a figure for as of late (see the bazillion Metal Gear figures I’ve mention). Both Street Fighter and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 got figures released (Note: I’m fairly certain they were suppose to be SFxT figures, but something must has happened with the rights I guess.) recently! Representing Street Fighters is Guile and Ibuki, and on the TTT2 side of things it’s Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Both females have the weird elbow joints  like those I’ve mentioned with Lara, because, of course they do. And the dudes have weird knees joints, which I guess is to help articulation, but can problematic visually sometimes. But all 4 capture the art styles of their respected series quite well, especially the Jun one which has a killer paint job. The Tekken Play Arts also see the return of stands being packaged with  stands, which is nice, because if there’s any Play Arts that need to be packaged with stands it’s the ones based on fighting games. They’re also available at $70 a pop, as well as repainted versions of Cammy and Akuma from the 2nd wave of SSF4 PAKs.

And the winner of “Play Art I never thought I’d ever see is Major Henry Varro from Starship Troopers Invasion. SST: Invasion is apparently a straight to DVD animated movie, which I just discovered existed via a Google search. Regardless of it’s origins, it is DOPE, despite it’s tiny-ass wrists. But aside from that, it’s a pretty solid figure, and reminds me a lot of the Vanquish and Halo figures that Square Enix has put out. The downside is that it’s pretty limited in the accessories department- 2 ammo clips, assault rifle and variant hands. Still, nice to see a more obscure property being tackled by Square. Not sure if $70 nice though to be honest.

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Because I’m always right- Best of 2012, toys edition

Not to be outdone by fellow FPNYC blogger Unkie Dev, my wife and I also got an addition to our family this week. Only ours has come in the form of a cat. “Pixel” is currently hiding under a bookshelf after a an hour long train ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, because that kind of thing is apparently traumatizing to cats. Anywho, belated congrads to Unkie Dev, his wife and their child, I wish them nothing but the best, even though this congrads comes a month late.

Meanwhile this cat ( and several video games), demand my full attention, which means it’s time for the annual best of lists. Obviously this is a 2 parter, with the 2nd part dedicated to comics. I’m starting off with toys in the event that the Mayan Apocalypse is a legit thing and I need something to ensure my sad, so very,very sad, legacy.

While it’s been forever, since I’ve picked up any sort of Gunpla, Bandai has continuously impressed me with the majority of the releases from the -Arts line over this past year. The former king Revoltech, IMO, has gotten a tad lazy with some of their stuff as of late, focusing on Western properties with various degrees of quality as the results. Bandai, on the other hand, stuck with the properties they’re known for (Gundam, Godzilla, Dragon Ball Z), added some new ones (Tiger and Bunny), and embraced some popular fan-favorite video game series (Persona 4, Megaman). It’s also worth nothing Figma had the blessing of the Nintendo license, and while the Samus Aran and Link Figmas are AMAZING, it’s not enough to carry the line when the rest of their non-Beserk offerings are so focused on barely legal school girls (Although I am a fan of their Fate/Zero stuff too). But the -Arts is definitely my import line of the year, as they’veall  had fantastic sculpts, unparalleled paints jobs, fantastic articulation, and feel a lot more sturdier than their peers. Also thanks to the distribution deal with Bluefinn, cheaper. In a year where both Revoltech and Figma kind of dropped the ball, Bandai’s Arts stepped up big.

In terms of video game figures though, NECA certainly put some cool stuff out this year, but Square Enix definitely showed up to play. With only 1 “new” Final Fantasy game to tie-into, Square did it damnedest to secure a lot of huge  3-party licenses, ones that had fans dying for toys for years. Both their Halo, Street Fighter and Metal Gear lines saw figures released on popular characters never done the justice they deserved, and Squenix branched out to handle huge western properties like the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City titles and Mass Effect. Not to mention cult title Vanquish finally getting the plastic treatment we were promised! And like I mentioned in the past, COWBOY BEBOP PLAY ARTS FIGURES, HOW COOL IS THAT?! 2013 also looks like another promising year for the company, but more on that in a few weeks. They’re another best for being the best buy at their scale/price, and delivering usually solid products that represent both Easter and Western Video Game properties.

I tend to talk about super hero toys a lot here (UNDERSTATEMENT, yes I am aware of this), but I got to say, I’m a little underwhelmed by what were offered this year overall. DC Collectibles is working on putting out more articulate toys, but we won’t see the fruits of their labor until 2012 most likely. Mattel’s DC All Stars line felt like a no-show this year, with the exception of some of the Bat-toys that made it on the shelf this year. Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line is getting better, but I think I’m going to give the nod to the return of the Legends line, which was slightly more diverse, although repaint heavy. 2013 will be interesting for both line for certain, given we’re now in the Marvel NOW era of comics, meaning everyone’s getting a redesign. Also props to the Hot Toys Avengers line, which has been nothing short of amazing.

Overall, if I were to choose a single figure to be my toy of the year, it would be the  Figma Samus Aran figure. It’s perfect in every way and it’s a great reward for all of us who waited so long for a quality figure based on the legendary Nintendo franchise. That’s all for this week, next time, I talk about comics!

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A Plethora of Arts

So remember last week when I complained about the severe lack of new arrivals post-holiday and there was barely anything for me to talk about that WASN’T comic book related? Well don’t fret folks, that’s not an issue for this week. Our import section got a HUGE shipment in this past week, and we now have a plethora of new stuff in to discuss. As well as some new merch that falls under both the comics and anime sections.

Leading off the new arrivals is the Bishoujo Mystique statue, and a pair of repainted Ami-Comis statutes: White Canary and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman. The Ami-Comis are kind of whack, basically just being repainted versions of the previously released White Canary & Star Sapphire, but hey, they may be someone else’s thing. Mystique, on the other hand, is a damn find low end statue, and the painting and sculpt is very well done, especially when it comes down to the skulls on her belt. In addition to Mystique, we also have the black costume variant Batgirl Bishoujo statue in stock, which  looks a ton better than the original release thanks to the new paint scheme/job.  I would easily recommend the 2 Bishoujo statues over the Amie Comis if you interested in picking any of them up.

After what seemed like forever, Square Enix finally released the first set of the Super Street Fighter IV Play Art Kai figures.  And it’s worth the wait, because these figures are MASSIVE! Chun Li and Ryu make up the first wave, and each of them come with a variant head, another set of hands, a  trademark fireball, and a stand for said fireballs. Again, I think it’s bull that Squenix doesn’t package figures for their figures anymore, but they’re fairly sturdy figures as is. Much more so than the previous Final Fantasy releases, as their exaggerated designs lend itself to this look well. They go for about $55 each, which is the average Play Art Kai price these days. If you’re looking for some colorful additions to your collection, and really dig Street Fighter, these figures are meant for you.

The biggest arrivals of last week have to be in the insane amount of new Bandai arts figure. We finally got in some new releases, and man, it’s nice to have something that’s not Shonen Jump related to talk about. The first new D-Arts is from the cult PS2 classic/new hit anime Persona 4, and is the main protagonist’s Izanagi.  The first D-Arts based on Persona 4 (there’s at least 2 more on they way), Izanagi comes with a stand (obviously), a plethora of variant parts and effects, and a massive bladed weapon. The other new Figuarts of note in is Rock Bison of Tiger and Bunny fame! He’s a massive figure, easily overshadowing Tiger and Bunny in terms of scale. What’s a little beat about the figure is the fact that he really doesn’t come with much outside of some variant hands. Still it’s well sculpted and has a ton of articulation. So it’s not like it’s a bad figure. We also got a few older mecha-releases in stock, specifically Gundam F-91, and Eva Units 0-1, and the Berserker Unit 0-2. And a ton of Kamen Rider figures. Possibly a literal ton. A lot regardless. Prices for the figures start at $45 and go up from there. With the rate most of these have been selling out, I advise you come by ASAP if you want em.

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