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Batman Day at Forbidden Planet NYC

The Caped Crusader is celebrating his 75th birthday this year, and DC Comics has officially declared Wednesday July 23rd 2014 Batman Day!



On  7/23/14, starting at 8am, Forbidden Planet NYC will be giving away complimentary (ie FREE!) copies of DC’s new Detective Comics #27 Special Edition, and FREE Batman anniversary bags. We’ll also have commemorative masks (99 cents per. These are extremely limited and will be sold on a strictly first come, first served basis) and capes for sale ($5.99).






What’s more, we’ll be running a sale(!) throughout the day- 20% OFF all Batman related comics, books, and graphic novels.

Come by Forbidden Planet to celebrate Batman’s 75th on Wednesday the 23rd and save some Bat-dough!

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6/18/14 Signing Bundle Package

In case you missed it, FPNYC is hosting a rather large event Wednesday the 18th of June. It’s kind of a big deal.

Forbidden Planet NYC Paul Pope signing Escapo

We’re extremely fond of all five of these gents, and as an incentive for you to pick up all five books we’re promoting Forbidden Planet’s bundling them all together at a discounted price the day of our event! Normally a full set of Escapo, Fear My Dear, Shackleton, Thomas Alsop #1 and Minimum Wage #6 would retail for about $69…

We’re bundling the full set of books (SIGNED) for $45! That’s nearly 35% OFF! Crazy pants.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only a limited number of these bundles available! They go on sale at the shop at 8am Wednesday morning.

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Black Friday Store-wide SALE!


It’s that time of year again, a time to give thanks and be grateful. Or more importantly a time to buy a bunch of awesome stuff on the cheap. This black Friday at Forbidden Planet, everything (yes EVERTHING) is 20% OFF from 9a.m. to 9p.m. If you’re the person whose been waiting to read Cerbus, or pick up one of IDW’s beautiful artist editions book, or your home is desperately in need of a life size bust of Jango Fett (I can’t type this loud enough) NOW IS THE TIME! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the things you love for way less monies. Start off the holiday season right already having got everything you wanted on your list from the person you love most (that’s you).

[Editor's Note- Sale is in-store only and only applicable to items IN STOCK on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold anything in advance of this offer. CCG booster boxes and similarly net-priced items are not included.]

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Dance With Dragons Deep Discount

Dance with Dragons, MMP, TPA Dance with Dragons finally releases in both mass market and trade paperback formats tomorrow, October 29th, and Forbidden Planet NYC will be selling them at a whopping 40% OFF cover price in-store and online throughout the day!

That’s $5.99 mass market,  $10.80 TP.  We’ll even throw in snazzy FP bookmarks if you like. Get your copy at The Planet.

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Coming October 30th – Sandman Overture #1

Neil Gaiman’s signature creation returns this week in The Sandman Overture #1, and FP is gearing up for its giagantoid release with a sale on ALL Sandman backlist.

Neil Gaiman Sandman Overture #1 Forbidden Planet JH WilliamsIf you’ve never experienced The Sandman before now’s the time to do so. And if you have read the series, this is your opportunity to upgrade to sexy deluxe absolute or annotated editions.

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Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

It’s almost time when the time is here,
The time that’s only once a year.
We can hardly wait, ’cause it’s so near.

-Traditional Woodland Critter Tune

This Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day, and here’s the deal on what Forbidden Planet NYC has planned for this year’s festivities.

First off, if you’re not familiar with FCBD, it’s an annual event on the first Saturday of May wherein participating comic shops all over the world give away comic books for FREE.  Forbidden Planet has participated in FCBD since its inception and has given away hundreds of thousands of comics on this special day.

Each year publishers produce comic books intended to be given away that day- often samplers of what they normally publish, or reprints/previews of  first issues and jump-on points of established series.  The full list of what’s available this year can be seen here:

Forbidden Planet NYC will be giving randomly assorted bags of up to twenty books per bag, starting at 9am, May 4th.  All ages bags will also be provided as this is a family-friendly event and there’s little else we like more than comics in the hands of a new generation of readers.  We will do so as supplies last, so remember to ARRIVE EARLY.

What’s more, all comic books and graphic novels in stock will be ON SALE at 15% OFF for the entire day!!!

The shop opens, and our Free Comic Book Day festivities begin at 9am and run until we close at 12 midnight.  I encourage you to come by, pick up some free swag, mebbe check out the new shop (we moved almost a year ago!) and save some dough on new reading material.

Hope to see you, and hope you enjoy!

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Image Comics Premiere Night with Bob Fingerman and the Creators of Five Ghosts

Coming Wednesday March 20th, the day both books release(!)… Five Ghosts Image Comics Bob Fingerman #1 Minimum Wage Image ComicsMore details to come.  Be here!

UPDATED: Special guests will be joining us!  Confirmed so far are Minimum Wage pin-up artists Dean Haspiel, Joe Infurnari, John Kerschbaum and Jeff Wong. Ben Templesmith will also be here to sign copies of the “Ghost” variant of Five Ghosts.

UPDATED: Can’t make it to our signing and  would like signed books?  Mail order customers can pre-order copies of Maximum Minimum Wage here .

Btw, Forbidden Planet NYC is Minimum Wage Headquarters (heh, heh) and will be selling this book at 20% OFF the cover price through its entire print run! A Five Ghosts pre-order will be available soon. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer mail order customers signed copies of Five Ghosts until (if then) after our signing.  We are limiting in-store purchases of this comic to 1 per customer.  Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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Forbidden Planet NYC on Google Offers Bestsellers

Thanks to all who purchased and redeemed Google Offers to our shop in 2012.  Our customers are some of the most loyal and savvy in the world, and we greatly appreciate it.

Forbidden Planet NYC moved moving 832 Broadway new store location

Thus, when Google asked us if we wanted to participate in their Best of 2012 campaign we gladly accepted.  It’s a good incentive/break (10 bucks worth of product for $10) for our regulars, and a great way to see new faces in the new location.

You can view details and pick yours up by following this link to the FPNYC Google Offers page.  And once again, a heartfelt THANK YOU.  Always.

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Black Friday Storewide SALE Event!

25% off graphic novels and manga, 10% off everything else!

On Friday, November 23rd–yes, that would be Black Friday–Forbidden Planet NYC is holding an IN-STORE SALE! For that day only, take 25% off all graphic novels and manga in stock, plus 10% off everything else! This sale only applies in-store at FPNYC, so perhaps ‘twould be a good time to get off the couch and work off a bit of that turkey weight by heading to our store and stocking up on cool stuff.

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Last Week’s Comics Have Arrived

The shipment we would have put out for sale on October 31st, were we able to open, has finally arrived and is being processed as I type this on Monday morning at 11:30am.  Good news as many of you who stopped by over the weekend were looking for last weeks new comics.  We thank you for it and wish we could have come through for you.

To show our appreciation for your patronage, FP customers, and for sticking by us as your source for new comics, we will be selling ALL new single issue comics from 10/31/12 at a whopping 40% OFF cover price now through December 1st and while supplies last.  In-store only.

Happy 32 Grant Morrison Robertson Image Comics

Click here for a list of books on sale.  Highlights include the Action Comics and Swamp Thing annuals, Happy #2, A Plus X #1, and Angel and Faith #15, Fatale #9.

Thank you again for choosing Forbidden Planet.  We really appreciate it.

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Forbidden Planet NYC is Open Today

Electricity and running water have kicked in again for much of lower Manhattan and we are open for the first time since last Sunday.

Items of note:

  • We will be closing at 10pm every day until Wednesday the 7th.  In fact, today, in the interest of safety for all involved, we may close slightly earlier.  9ish, depending on a few factors.  Be sure to call in advance, please.
  • We do not have new comics and toys from this past week as UPS was not delivering to our area.  We hope to receive the shipment from October 31st this coming Monday, but that is not guaranteed.  Keep an eye out on this site, our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter feed for updates.  We’re aware some of our competitors have gotten their shipments but we are deeply appreciative of our customers and will definitely make it worth your while to pick up your comics from us.
  • Everything in the shop is ON SALE!!! 15% Off everything for everyone through Tuesday the 6th.  Well, not exactly everything.  T-shirt deals and other discounts do not apply, but that’s not too shabby.  Right?

CHARITY DRIVE: Obviously, the impact of Hurricane Sandy has left many in our area devastated.  This has been a local tragedy of unprecedented proportions and we are fully aware life is not so great for a lotta people right now.  That being said Forbidden Planet is holding a charity drive for victims of the Hurricane in Staten Island, The Rockaways, City Island, New Jersey et al.  If you have canned foods, bottled water, fresh batteries, flashlights you can bring by the shop as a donation we will give you a bag of the free comics we prepared to give away on Halloween.  You can see the list of freebies here.

On a personal level, many of my friends and family have it way worse than I do, but FP is my slight solace and I hope it will be for those who come by this weekend.

All my hopes and wishes go out to you and your families.

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Star Trek: TNG 25th Birthday SALE on September 28th!

Star Trek: TNG birthday sale

Tomorrow, Star Trek: The Next Generation turns 25. (Personally, my favorite episode was the one in which Data had nightmares about eating a cake shaped like Counselor Troi.) In honor of this venerable series beginning its quarterlife crisis, Forbidden Planet is having a one-day sale on ALL Star Trek-related items on September 28th. That’s a 20% discount on Star Trek products in-store at Forbidden Planet NYC and an extra 5% off all Trek merch online: just enter the discount code MAKEITSO at checkout (until midnight EDT on the night of the 28th).

Don’t forget!

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Forbidden Planet NYC on Google Offers Until September 2nd

As of this morning, we’ve got another 50% OFF deal on Google Offers!

50% off Forbidden Planet Google Coupon OffersBefore sci-fi and fantasy conquered the multiplex, they thrived in neighborhood comic stores staffed by passionate pop culture pundits. Relive the good old days atForbidden Planet. This beloved Union Square shop recently moved to a larger 3,400-square-foot space just down the block, now boasting even more room for its vast selection of comic books, graphic novels, manga, DVDs, toys, collectibles, posters, games, and more. The store also hosts signing events with comic book authors and artists, and its ever-changing inventory of mind-boggling selections—restocked nearly every day—is enough to make anyone revert to a state of adolescent giddiness.

Click here to view and/or purchase our offer.

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