Grant Morrison MBE

Grant Morrison, a writer of trashy “funny-books,” has been made a Member of the British Empire. The decline of Western civilization now seems to be complete.

Morrison is not properly English, nor of gentle birth, having been born to Scottish commoners.  In fact, his father was an active dissident, so deranged as to protest against the construction of direly needed nuclear weapons.

A fan of the Christ-hating John Lennon, Morrison wasted his youth playing in a “rock group,” before achieving fame in the torrid underworld of comic-books.  He has since written hateful screeds against sexual repression, monotony, the joys of wage slavery, and even consensus reality itself – not to mention our beloved Archons – in such works as Doom Patrol, Animal Man, The Invisibles, Kill Your Boyfriend, the Filth, New X-Men, We3 and All-Star Superman.  During this time, he wallowed in the sins of cross-dressing and drug use, communed with extra-terrestrials of unknown origin, and honed his skills in the black arts of Chaos Magic.

There is no future.  And England is dreaming.

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  1. Raka

    Ahhhhhhhhhahahasdksadsakdfjaskdhf;askld. That last part happened beusace I was laughing so hard I was snorting and then drooling and then biting my tongue, which messed up my delicate and sweet lady-like laugh. I like the video twist. Sho do. Also, this post reminded me about how my best friend got sent to the principal’s office in 1st grade for drawing a big picture of a cat’s arsehole. Not that you drew pictures of that fleshly sphincter ‘neath the cat’s tail…but I’m sure you have in other posts, you poor, demented creature…that I will be for Halloween. GUY DRESSED AS A BEER CAN: HEY!! Who are you supposed to be? (I’ll have blonde pigtails and will be wearing a pink dress, of course)ME: Allie Brosh!!!! You know! She writes Hyperbole & a Half!!! (meanwhile I’ll be mauling people with the bear claws I have hidden behind my back every time I reach for a refill or a handful of popcorn)BEER CAN MAN: Uhhh…what does hyperbowlie mean? Can you dip chips in it?Me as Allie: NO, you FREAK!! (That’s when I will stop saying anymore words and will simply begin squirting everyone with the fake blood I brought with me)I can’t WAIT for Halloween!!!

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