I Zombie Volume 1

I hope everyone is excited as I am about I Zombie volume 1 Dead To The World hitting shelves this Wednesday.

Ok, it’s about a zombie, so I obviously don’t have to sell you on it (face it kid we know you love dem zombies) but at least let me tell you a little about  the talent behind this comic.  It’s Written by Chris Roberson who’s Cinderella From Fabletown With Love was an instant hit, and illustrated by comic God,  Mike Allred!  Mike’s art is like a cross between the most psychedelic Jack Kirby stuff and the most beautiful classic Disney animation.  You might also be familiar with a little book he does called Madman! I’m saying it in print so it goes on record, I believe that his Superman Madman Hullabaloo is one of the best comics ever created, and I’m not even a big Superman fan.

So get yourself a copy of I Zombie, you will not be disappointed.

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