It’s Like Manga Christmas!

A normal person would begin this little blurb with some triumphant fanfare for Volume 34 of Bleach, which is new this week. But I won’t waste your time: you already knew that; you’re already going to buy it, and nothing I say will change that. Onwards we go!
Instead we can spend our time talking about adorable kittens. Like the one that stars in the ridiculously cute manga, Chi’s Sweet Home, the fourth volume of which is popping out this week. It’s nice to see some of the more underground manga that isn’t drawn in the style we typically associate with anime coming out over here, a reason in and of itself to take a look at this series. Great for all ages, this manga isn’t much more complicated than the cute antics of a tiny, stray kitten, but it’s enjoyability is definitely found in such simplicity.

And though Viz is sometimes a little dumb about keeping longer-running series in print, it’s still cool that there’s a new volume of Hunter x Hunter out this week. It always amazes me that the stuff that’s retardedly popular in Japan doesn’t seem to enjoy quite the same attention here in the States, especially when it really should! Hunter x Hunter is drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi (famous for Yu Yu Hakusho and being the husband of Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon) and tells the tale of young Gon, who is determined to become a great Hunter like his father. Which is pretty much the plot for every shonen manga ever, except for the part where Hunter x Hunter features some really layered characters that have way more depth than your average genki genki shonen lead. You might not expect that considering the art style, but the blend makes for an engaging page-turner, even with all the ridiculous mayhem that keeps things fresh and unpredictable.

So now, go forth and read! Read like you have never read before! Read or die! (Or dream!)

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