Fright-Rags and Jeff Zornow and Critters and City Of The Living Dead and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Check out Fright-Rags‘ newest designs by one of my favorite local artists, Jeff Zornow.

I am pleased to release two of our most sickest designs yet. Born out of the
insane mind of Jeff Zornow, comes Critters and City of the Living Dead.
I think he captured the essence of both films brilliantly in his original artwork,
and I hope you’ll agree. Go grab one for yourself!

Finally a Critters shirt! This 1986 gem is like Gremlins with balls.  Starring Dee Wallace and Billy Zane.

This is one of the most gruesome City of the Living Dead shirts I have ever seen.  Definitely doing Lucio Fulci’s 1980 horror classic justice.

If you dig that, then come in and pick up a copy of Zornow’s newest comic Tyrannosaurus Rex by Image.

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