Kick-Ass Film Review

A few thoughts about Kick-Ass, which I saw last evening at a special showing that featured a Q&A with Messrs. Millar an Romita Jr. thanks to our friends at UGO.


  • Brutal as all hell, funny as all heck.  This film’s gonna be big.
  • Looooved Nic Cage’s performance. In fact, all the players were great.  But Cage’s Big Daddy was a standout.  He even affects Adam West’s mannerisms when in costume.  Well done.
  • Expect TONS of Hit Girl costumes next Halloween.
  • The movie follows the comics verbatim in places while taking liberties in others to work on screen.  They become separate entities, so don’t go in thinking the film will be a shot for shot adaptation.  Think Lord of the Rings.  It works.
  • I’m sure the folks at Atomic Comics are swell, but the shop is NOT in New York City.  Don’t look for it.  Stop by FP instead.
  • Go see it.

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