Assembling the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) part 1

by Christopher Troy

Sorry for the delay folks, had some server issues and Final Fantasy 13 dropped, so I was busy the last 2 weeks. But as promised, here’s the first installment of assembling Unicorn kit I previewed in my first entry.

Those are my tools of trade, something I picked up about a year ago. Forbidden Planet should have these in stock relatively soonish, and they contain pretty much everything you need to get you started on building Gunpla. Those of you new to the hobby may be saying to yourself, “Chris. these are import kits, aren’t the instructions all in Japanese?”

Yes, yes they are. And like most of you, I speak little to no Japanese. However, that really isn’t an issue, as the instructions themselves are pretty simple to follow….

The beauty of this kit is that is requires no painting to look good, so it’s really a simple snap together job, making it an idea kit to start with. From the tool kit, I’m primarily stuck with the wire cutters to free the various pieces from their plastic jails, and the tweezers/filer to smooth down the edges of excess plastic. Once each piece of the respected step was cut and cleaned, it was just a matter of snapping the pieces together…

That completes the first chapter.  Each installment will cover a page of the instruction manual, so look for me to upload page 2 next week, with the final installment and thoughts on the kit the week after.

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