Breaking Into the House

How does one break into the House of Ideas?  Well, this week the landlord’s gonna show you how.


Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way is many things:

  • A two-part (56 pgs each) showcase-cum-audition for newly recruited  artists.
  • An anthology featuring some of Marvel’s most prolific and high profile writers (Brian Michael Bendis, Marc Guggenheim, Peter David, Stuart Moore, Jonathan Hickman, etc.).
  • A guide by Marvel editor, writer and talent scout as to how these newbs got their work seen and why their stuff is worthy of publication.

I dig this idea immensely.  Inaugural gigs for potentially professional pencillers/inkers/painters are traditionally the worst assignments imaginable, and the chance of breaking out- let alone being seen by anyone other than your editor and your doting mother- are minimal at best.

This project turns that tradition on its ass.  “Sure I’ll give you a shot, kid. I need a fill-in artist on a two-page backup story in Cloak and Dagger Annual #15… Nah. I think I’ll team you up with Jonathan Hickman in this other thing I got.”  What a fantastic opportunity!  Here’s hoping the rookies knock it out of the park.

What’s more is the comic includes step by step submission information, and a sample script for the aspiring professional to manipulate the Marvel way.

Anyone remember the Marvel Try-Out book?

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