March On Viz

By Mat K.

Welcome boys and girls to the first release week of March, and it all belongs to Viz. The Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat go flying this week and I’m sure you’ll be getting a little giddy. First on my “things I’ve been waiting for” list is Tegami Bachi Volume 2. It’s a little annoying that it’s going to be taking so long to release the indiviudal volumes, but that’s the price we pay when a series is also being run in Shonen Jump magazine. WaqWaq and Tegami Bachi both released they’re first volumes at the same time. And while WaqWaq itself has not been entirely punctual, as much as I love it, at least it has made it as far as the third book already. Now we finally get to see the second book of Tegami Bachi, and I’m ready for more of it’s twilight watercolor style, (that’s twilight as in the time between sun and moon).

Now a couple books that I know the masses have been aching for. Bleach Volume 30 is here, featuring (finally) Kaien Shiba. I remember buying the Japanese version of this volume for a friend who was absolutely in love with Kaien about two years ago. For anyone who forgot who Kaien was, he’s the guy who was Rukia’s mentor (and her crush), who got killed, and looks alot like Ichigo but with black hair and nicer eye lashes. He was also the older brother of Ganju (he who rides a boar), and Kukaku (crazy one-armed lady who likes to blow things up with fireworks). And secondary this week is Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 19. I swear every time an issue of Yu Yu Hakusho comes out, I think to myself, “Didn’t that end already?” Not that i’m knocking it, but I’m pretty sure we were all done with the anime a better half of a decade ago, and the books are just getting around to 19.

On another note, Osamu Tezuka’s MW, which has been unavailable for a long while now, is finally going to be here for everyone who likes a good, thick story, by way of the new soft-cover edition. For a taste, unlike most of his work, MW lacks the cartoonish nature and resolutions he usually portrays. Tales of divine and secular justice not prevailing, and the mythos of the happy ending being left behind are what make this book great for those who might like Vertigo books and of the like.

Now for a taste of something new, Shojo Beat releases a new romance called Cactus Secret by Nana Haruta. The story begins as they often do with a high school girl trying to confess her feelings for a boy. Miku decides to give Kyohei chocolates for valentines day to confess her love love for him, but unaware that he’s the target of her intentions, Kyohei offers himself up as her practice dummy for the big confession. Cuteness and wackyness ensue, and I’m sure (maybe 65% sure?) that at some point we will all discover what cactuses have to do with love confessions and chocolate.

One last thing before I sign off this week, and that’s One Piece Volumes 34-38 are here, so come get ’em! See you all next time.

Ja Ne!

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