Mega Man Remix In ‘Da Mix!

By Mat K.

That’s right boys and girls, the real Mega Man Manga finally comes to the states courtesy of Udon Comics and Manga-ka Hitoshi Ariga. You all might remember Mega Man NT Warrior the Manga, and I know all the new kids these days got a kick out of it, but to anyone who remembers the old cartoon, and used to put cardboard tubes on their arms pretending it was a blaster, this is the real Mega Man. Featuring of course Doctor Light (the good doctor), Doctor Wily (the bad doctor), Roll (Mega Man’s sister), Rush (that’s his dog) as well as the bad boss robots you know and love. I know I’m a little bit thrilled about it.

And I would just like to take a moment to poke fun at the names of all the robot masters. Of course the naming was spot-on and overly simplistic, but how can you not love names like Heat Man, Spark Man, Quick Man, Flash Man, Top Man, Hard Man, and Wood Man (vulgarity aside, I always thought to wooden robot was some weird oxymoron). Of course there are plenty more in this volume alone, which just goes to show how awesomely jam-packed it is.

The rocking week continues as Dark Horse finally let’s out with Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 10. Written by Eiji Otsuka and drawn by Housui Yamazaki, I’ve been aching for this next installment. Love horror? Here it is. Love comedy? Got that too. But the Delivery Service is about more than just guts, gore, and slapstick, it’s also educational. Learn about various methods of postmortem rites and rituals from embalming, to funeral criers, and even contemporary art. Oh yeah, bald psychics, blonde embalmers, and big-breasted hackers (yes it’s a woman), and sock puppets housing questionable alien intelligence make this book rock, hence the whole me aching for it, it took it’s sweet time getting here!

Now, a lot of you seem to be interested in a little book called Future Diary by Sakae Esuno. It’s only up to it’s 5th volume (here this week), and there are only going to be 6, but apparently TokyoPop has also noticed the popularity of this series as they just release this week Esuno’s new series Hanako And The Terror Of Allegory. In this series, a detective named Daisuke unwittingly develops a reputation for solving weird crimes. Weird crimes like urban legends that seem to be coming real. His first mystery of the series is the man with the axe under the bed. You’ve heard of it. A girl is hanging out in her room with one of her friends, the girl is just sitting on her bed chatting to her friend when the friend suddenly suggests they go outside for a bit, and it turns she noticed a man under the bed wielding an axe. How can Detective Daisuke help these people who are being possessed by the spirits of allegories?

Anyway, that’s all the spiel for the week. Lots of interesting stuff you need to see. Til next time!

Ja Ne!

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