Black Gods and Soul Eaters: Shonen and Gaming Manga

by Mat K.

Okay, before I get into the manga spiel for the week, let me start with talking about the new Pokemon set. As most of you Poke-Fans out there know, the new game “Heart Gold Soul Silver” is set to release. So of course there is the brand new card expansion bearing the same name. Just as with the first Diamond & Pearl set, the new Heart Gold Soul Silver features three new decks instead of just 2. The decks feature new awesome art editions of Meganium for the Growth Clash deck (grass and fighting), Feraligator for the Mind Flood deck (water and psychic), and Typhlosion on the Ember Spark deck (fire and electricity).

Of course there is an accompanying booster set as usual. What’s really new with this series are the introduction of super special double cards. As far as I know there is one for Lugia, and one for Ho-oh. On these cards, as it might suggest, you put two cards together like a puzzle to reveal one awesomely powerful card, not to mention new painted-looking art for the legendary birds that take up the full spread of the puzzle.

Now on to the manga. There are two titles coming in this week that have me especially thrilled, and the first up to the plate is Soul Eater Volume 2. I know a lot of people have been asking about it for the last couple weeks, and I’m glad to tell you it is finally here. The second book coming in is Black God Volume 8. I know I’ve written up this series before, but I do believe it has been a while, probably when the series first came out almost two years ago, so here’s another plug.

I feel like Black God has been an underrated manhwa series. The action and art are great, the covers are gorgeous, and for anyone who is a video gamer and wishes a girl with amazing powers would come out of nowhere and become your partner in bad-assery, you’re going to love Keita and Kuro. Did I mention the awesome violence? To start, you become bonded to a mototsumitama by exchanging a limb with them.

Now for some honorable mentions! Shakugan No Shana Volume 5 is here, which is a great series, if only the books would show up more than once every 9 months. Also, 20th Century Boys Volume 7 appears which has been impressively timely. And finally an interested nod in the direction of the new Blade of The Immortal Novel coming in this week. Honestly, we all know Hiroaki Samura is a good writer, otherwise we wouldn’t be so enthralled with the Blade of The Immortal manga, it’s gone on for so long and it’s still good, so the novel may even be worth a shot though you can’t see the regular gore and violence but in your own head. That’s the news that’s fit to print this time around folks! See you next week!

Ja Ne!

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