Bleach Kills Bacteria But Not Imaginary Monsters

By Mat K.

This is our special Pre-Christmas issue, which I know might sound like it’s coming late, considering you have been listening to Christmas music on the radio and watching Christmas shopping commercials on TV for weeks now, but I believe that the Christmas Spirit shouldn’t hit until December…or at least after Thanksgiving. And here we are. Besides, this is the first week of December, which as usual means a ton of stuff is coming out, and quite honestly some awesome stuff to boot.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 13Let’s start with updates. This is a huge week for Viz, and I would have made some remark about how every week is a huge week for Viz, but frankly, last week all but belonged to TokyoPop. But enough lamenting over wisecracks un-cracked, this week starts you off right with Bleach Volume 29, Legend Of Zelda Volume 8 (a.k.a The Minish Cap), and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 13. Oh and there are some Shojo Beat books and Viz Signature Series books coming in too…and a Pokemon.

GoGo MonsterNow the reason I’m skimping on the regular updates is because there are a couple of brand new books coming that you need to know about. First and foremost is a new one from Taiyo Matsumoto (the guy who did Tekkon Kinkreet, Blue Spring, and No. 5) called GoGo Monster. GoGo Monster is about a young boy named Yuki who is a quiet loner and seems to have an over-active imagination. In the real world he is always being ridiculed buy classmates and reprimanded by teachers, but in the worlds in his head there are supernatural beings that only he can see, beings that vie for power against evil spirits who wring chaos throughout school, the lives of the students, and even nature itself. Sounds intense right? Perfect little Christmas gift to get for yourself…I mean, for people who you like and would hope get you anything as interesting as this.

MoyasimonAlso premiering this week is a series by Masayuki Ishikawa called Moyasimon: Tales Of Agriculture Volume 1. It doesn’t make for an interesting title, I know, but aren’t most manga titles utterly misleading? I mean, who thought that a series about Soul Reapers with amazing powers fighting giant ghost monsters would be called something as quaint as Bleach. But I Digress. Here’s the skinny: Tadayasu is a college freshman with the amazing ability to see, touch, and talk to bacteria and germs. Then, enter the eccentric professor who is determined to unlock the power of the microbial world, and finally, add the fellow students who seem doomed to failure with all their agricultural projects.

One last word to the yaoi fans before I wrap this up: Yellow 2 Volume 1. That’s right. Makoto Tateno finally started another installment of Yellow, and thank god. Maybe this time they will finally accept their love and get it on, the end of the first series was good with the drug busts and all, but it was missing the right kind of action a finale ought to have. Anyway, that’s all this time, except for the 30 or so other titles showing up, so, swing by and I’ll catch you next time!

Ja Ne!

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