Friday roundup of news from Day 1 at SDCC.

I’ll admit I’m intrigued with Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet film, Topless Robot featured the above picture of the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet’s car that drives around accompanied by annoying buzzing sound. The car looks awesome regardless. A lot of weird and unexplained bits of news have shown up from the very first day of San Diego Comic Con.

  • Someone thought Star Trek cologne was a good idea, and they came out with Khan cologne. Thanks, you can keep that. I can see it now: Like the mall, while walking the Con floor you pass the booth and someone spritzes you with the cologne. Now, there you would finally be justified to hit the people that spritz you.
  • Apparently, the first 15 minutes of the redonkulously beautiful Avatar will be screened for FREE in 3D Imax (so your mind and your eyes are officially obliterated) on August  21st.
  • We love Paul Pope here, so anything he’s doing is warrant enough of a mention for us.  There is going to be an exclusive print being handed out to the first 300 people coming to Pope’s DJ gig at the Pop Cult party on Saturday at the Onyx/Thin club at 852 5th Ave., in San Diego.
  • There is going to be some more Bone comics! I know someone’s nephew who is going to be quite happy about that.
  • Bob Schreck has joined IDW.  So happy to hear this, because when Schreck was laid off from DC a while  back it had to be one of the biggest “What the $@!*?!” moments ever.  DC letting go of Schreck is like if Marvel let go of Axel Alonso or Tom Breevort, just one of those situations that should never happen.
  • Tim Burton’s trailer of Alice in Wonderland is back online after a one day hiatus.   Great, awesome, I’m starting to get bored with all of these Tim Burton/Johnny Depp reinvisions of classic children’s literature, but in that spectrum: Dark Shadows is go.
  • Rich Johnston says Marvel is to announce “something” at the Cup O’ Joe panel today that will likely be the talk of SDCC, or “blow up the  internet” as the publisher likes to say in seemingly every other solicit.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to what that something is.

And that is about all. I’d like to remind everyone that tonight is the Eisner awards and there are some Twitterati running around that have been providing enlightening and hilarious observations from around the con. So, if you want to live vicariously through those that are there I recommend following: Jimmy Aquino from Comic News Insider, Mr. The Beat, Ben McCool (who I think should have some truly awesome news coming out of this weekend), Rick Marshall from MTV’s Splash Page for all the comic book movie goodness, Andy Khouri from Comic Book Resources for high quality coverage, and finally Jeff Katz for American Original news.

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