Not going to Comic Con? Hang with us.

John Parker had a great little piece over at Comics Alliance yesterday regarding solutions to those of us not going to Comic Con, and Mark Batty Publishing‘s own Adri Cowan and I went ahead and ran with it.


Why not? Get in touch with the folks at the comic store, post on forums, start a chain e-mail, and just get together with other comics people. Use the Comments Section if you feel like it. This happened several years ago in Kansas City and resulted in 24-Hour Comics parties, a four-gallery exhibition of sequential art, and two anthologies. Even if one isn’t interested in making comics, one always has a chance to meet interesting people, have a few laughs, or glom on to that potential next big star. After they make it, you’ll be there to feast on the scraps of their comic book lifestyle, and will be so coked-up and partied-out that Comic-Con just sounds like a drag. “Oh, Comic Con,” you’ll say flippantly. “That old thing?” and like an Ouroboros biting its tail, your journey will be complete.

So, Saturday night starting at 9pm join Adri and I and other comic book types not going to Comic Con as we get together at Botanica Bar on 47 E. Houston Street near Mulberry.

If you’re coming, give us a show of hands in the comments, or RSVP on the Facebook page.

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