Comic Book Creator Types on Twitter.


Twitter is the new favorite thing that everyone uses, it can often be mundane, stalker-y and hilarious.  Below is a list of some our favorite Twitter users who also happen to be comic creators.  A lot of them dish out advice, drop hatings, but all are generally hilarious.

Geoff Johns. “The Blackest Night” writer frequently chronicles his 711 misadventures, and sometimes I can’t help but laugh at the shenanigans.

C.B. Cebulski.  Marvel’s talent manager frequently drops knowledge on what artists need to do to improve their craft and/or break into the comics business.  C.B. is a fountain of knowledge and if you’re not already following him you should.

Agent M. The master of Marvel promotion, Ryan frequently updates his many social networks to bring you the latest in Marvel news.

For the other side of promotion go no further than Alex Segura.  A Miami Dolphins fan, and pilot of DC’s The Source Blog, which is the best place to get some great preview art and DC News.

Fan favorite creators include: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, James Robinson, Sterling Gates, and Greg Rucka.

The more entertaining Twitters of the Comics Blogosphere happen to be Diesel Sweeties creator RStevens, Kevin Church (of BeaucoupKevin), Chris Sims (The Invincible Super Blog), Graeme McMillan (io9Brian Heater (Daily Cross Hatch), Tim Leong (Comic Foundry) and Laura Hudson (Comics Alliance).

I’m on Twitter, but I’m allergic to self-promotion. However, you can find me pretty easy if you are so inclined.

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