John Ostrander needs your help.

Lately, on the Twitter ‘verse (which is kind of a universe unto itself), people have been posting to help out John Ostrander, legendary comics writer, who has been suffering from glaucoma for over twenty years.

Recently, Mr. Ostrander had to travel to Boston on two separate week-long occasions to treat his glaucoma, but like alot of us these days our health insurance costs are ridiculously high and cover way too little.  So, a foundation and a website ( was formed to help him treat his condition.

John was aware that he could not afford the surgeries on his own; that’s when we, his friends and family in the comic book field, decided we had to do something to help. Too often in the comics world we find ourselves holding events after we’ve lost a creator who has given us so many years of joy. Now we have a chance to help one before its too late- after all it would be terribly hard for John to write dialog for pages he cannot see.

On Saturday, August 8th at the 2009 Chicago Comic Con, a charity auction will be held for this cause.  To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think there is a better way to help out a good guy who has contributed to so many of our childhood memories.

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