To Your Planet, Welcome

I believe that's my line, mister.

I here am new, but you are known as being Ayers of Forbidden Planet.

So my name is Jeff Ayers and, by way of introduction, I ‘ve worked for Forbidden Planet for the last fourteen(ish) years.  Capacity: buyer, manager, salesperson, schill. I would have posted sooner, but I’ve been working like a dog on helping develop FP’s Daily Planet AND this:

… a new webstore featuring all the comics, books, toys, manga, DVDs, etcetera, etcetera, that FP is known for worldwide. Amazon of geekdom. Well… it will be. We ain’t sleepin’ at night. The site just launched, and while it’s still a little raw, it’s functioning and ready to go! The Daily Planet’s actually an extension of that, so be sure to check both often, folks.

As for the Daily Planet, I’d like to use this space to thank Heidi MacDonald of The Beat for giving us a shout yesterday. Her comic culture blog is superb, and first on my Bookmark drop-down list on every internet browser I work from.

Also, special thanks to managing and contributing editor David Press for being the lone voice in the Daily Planet night so far.  His stalwart dedication to writing for this new blog has been admirable, his posts most enjoyable, and will continue to be so, providing news and insight in the world of comics and such.  There’ll also be a regular group of contributors, and guests galore.  As for me I dig a lot of geeky stuff (mostly books) and that’ll be the majority of my focus here.

Keep your eye on this space, as things are just ramping up!

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