Today Sci Fi becomes SyFy.

Josh intros the Syfy unveiling on Twitpic
Destination Truth host Josh Gates introduces new SyFy logo to media at Rockefeller Center.

Earlier today, what was formerly known as the Sci Fi channel became SyFy.  In the much bally-hooed move in changing the name from a nickname to a typo, the channel is certainly doing its level best to promote it.

Unveiling the new re-branding at Rockefeller Center today, SyFy hits with the premiere of their new show “Warehouse 13” tonight at 9pm. Which USA Today called, “Part ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’, part ‘X-Files’.” The shows stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubenstein, and is about two partners re-assigned by the FBI to a Warehouse full of secrets out in the middle of nowhere.  Yeah, I can see where people get the “Raiders of the Lost Arc” idea.

In celebration of its new re-branding, SyFy is doing all kinds of promotional benefits throughout NYC.  From today through July 12, the channel is sponsoring free wireless internet near their “Interactive Imagination Park” outside Rockefeller Center, as well as in Union Square and Times Square.  That sound you just heard was a million bloggers running to the sound of free wireless. And on a day like today, who would want to stay inside and work?

Regardless, it can be said that even though they’ve done a pretty fantastic job pushing the new brand (check out this pretty awesome re-branding advertisement), not a lot has really changed with the channel.  There is still the ever-present “Stargate” show but with a cast that can actually act now in the form of Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Philips (I know, right?!) , and  then there is that “Battlestar Galactica” prequel “Caprica”. Whose pilot aired a while back, and that was intriguing.

Come back around tomorrow for a review of  the first episode SyFy’s flagship show “Warehouse 13”.

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