“Lost” creators say no chance to comic; confirm Brian K. Vaughan has left the show.

Friday night, the creators of hit TV show “Lost” said during a talk at the Curzon Cinema that there is going to be no chance of a spinoff comic after the series ends next season.

Q: My question is about the fate of Lost, because I know it ends with season 6, but do you think because of Bryan Fuller with Pushing Daisies continuing it in a comic book, and I love Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (Damon’s comic) and with Lost it has a disjointed timeline and it comes together in the end, do you think that you’ll do any spin offs in a comic book form?

LINDELOF: We feel that if we hold anything back for the final season of the show, it will be bad. People have come along this far, and they need a conclusion.

Nice to hear. In terms of comics, one of the show’s more popular writers, Eisner award winning writer for “Ex Machina” Brian K. Vaughan has left the show. Lindelof confirmed:

Q: What’s Brian K. Vaughan like?

DL: Unfortunately he has left for greener pastures. When he first came on the show Jorge Garcia was ecstatic because he’s a huge fan of his work.

That’s too bad, considering the only thing that kept me watching the show was him on the writing staff.  I guess I finally have a reason to jump ship.  Though, I can’t help but speculate that this means more comics, and from Vaughan, that can only mean good things. There has been a pit in my stomach since Y: The Last Man’s final issue came out.

Source: Transcript – Darlton and Bender Talk LOST season 6 at Curzon Cinema 7/03/2009

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